Our factory trained mechanics are highly experienced and passionate about keeping your bike rolling smoothly all season.

Workshop Pricing

Labour Description Price
Tune up Adjust brakes and gears, true wheels and bolt check. $49.99 (+tax) plus parts
Flat Tire Change Replacing a punctured inner tube $9.99 & up (+tax) Plus tube
Wheel True Straightening a wheel $19.99 & up (+tax)
Wheel Build Lacing, tensioning and truing $39.99 & up (+tax) Plus Parts
Brake Bleed Bleed hydraulic brake $19.99 & up (+tax) Plus Parts
Box Bike Disassemble bike and pack into cardboard box for travel $39.99 (+tax)
Hourly Rate Any miscellaneous labour is charged at an hourly rate $60 (+tax)
Fork Service (Basic) Oil change and seal replacement $39.99 & up  (+tax) Plus Seals/Parts
Shock Service (Basic) Air-can oil change and seal replacement on air shock $39.99 & up (+tax) Plus Seals/Parts

Please contact us for specific quotes and pricing can change depending on the specific needs of the bike.